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South Sudan Emergency

Ethiopia: Uncle throws a lifeline to orphaned nephews fleeing South Sudan

27 November 2014

Biel fled South Sudan with his pregnant wife. Now caring for five nephews orphaned by illness and war, he pins his hopes on education.

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Uganda: A Father's Troubles

26 November 2014

Forty-five-year-old Gabriel fled South Sudan with his wife and children to find safety in the UN compound in Bor. But, in April 2014, his wife was killed when an armed mob forced their way in, and now he is a single father to five children, seeking a better life in Uganda.

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UNHCR starts relocation of 15,000 stranded South Sudanese refugees in Ethiopia

18 November 2014

A first group of 125 refugees left Matar Way Station and headed along the Baro River to the Itang Transit Centre, before heading by road to Pugnido Refugee Camp.

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South Sudanese seek a chance to get on with life without fear

03 November 2014

Peter fled from South Sudan to Uganda when violence flared last year. With continuing conflict in his homeland, the refugee still fears about his safety.

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South Sudan: Adut's struggle

17 October 2014 watch video

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Scared and exhausted
Fleeing for their lives


I need blankets. It is cold at night and I don't want my children to get sick.

Rebecca Barnaba, 23
mother of three at Doro camp

If we are not able to fly in what is needed during the rainy season, people will die. It is as simple as that.

Marie-Hélène Verney

We are facing a humanitarian disaster of large proportions… The support of the international community is now absolutely crucial.

António Guterres
High Commissioner for Refugees

I've just been back to Wau and was thrilled to see UNHCR supporting education, job training, helping women get on their feet, building homes!

Alek Wek
supermodel and former refugee

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