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Past Laureates

Visionaries. Pioneers. True heroes.

Meet some of the remarkable people and organizations that have won the Nansen Refugee Award.


Butterflies with New Wings


Butterflies with New Wings Building a Future, is a group of courageous women that work tirelessly to help displaced survivors of sexual abuse reclaim their lives in Buenaventura, one of the most violent cities in Colombia.

Learn more about the Butterflies and their remarkable efforts.

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Sister Angélique Namaika


Sister Angélique Namaika was awarded for her exceptional courage and unwavering support for survivors of brutal violence in Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). In this region, many Congolese women and girls have been kidnapped and terrorized in the campaign of terror waged by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). Construction on her Nansen project – a cooperative bakery, was completed in 2015.

Read more about Sister Angélique Namaika.

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