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Recruitment of National Professional Staff

National Professional Officers (NPOs) are employed at field offices to perform functions which require national knowledge and experience. NPOs are nationals of the country in which they are to serve and must have substantial knowledge of local conditions. They do not have a requirement to rotate. Vacancies in the National Professional Officer (NPO) category are simultaneously advertised internally and externally within the country of the duty station where the vacancy exists. External advertisements are issued in the local press.

General requirements for NPOs:

  • A university degree in a field relevant to the function;
  • Nationality of the country in which they are to serve;
  • National experience and knowledge;
  • Have substantial relevant knowledge of local conditions;
  • Candidates must be fully proficient in the official language of their country and the working language of their duty station. They must also have a good knowledge of either English or French if employed in an office where one of these is not the working language.



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