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Resettlement is an important tool for refugee protection which provides durable solutions for tens of thousands of refugees who cannot safely remain in their first country of asylum or return to their countries of origin each year. UNHCR co-ordinates resettlement in close cooperation with governments and other institutions.




Projected Global Resettlement Needs Rss FeedProjected Global Resettlement Needs

Provides an overview of progress and challenges, in addition to trends in refugee resettlement. It is prepared annually by UNHCR and introduces the projected global resettlement needs and capacity for the next year.

Establishment of a Joint EU Resettlement Programme

Comments on the European Commission Communication on the establishment of a Joint EU Resettlement Programme and the European Commission Proposal for the amendment of Decision No 573/2007/EC establishing the European Refugee Fund for the period 2008 to 2013.