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HIS Excel Reporting Form

The HIS is founded on the principle of weekly reporting; each health section collects and reports data in its entirety each week. Monthly reports are aggregates of complete reporting weeks, which consist of four or five weekly reports depending on the HIS reporting calendar.

The MS Excel sheet is the first opportunity for data entry into the computer. Data which has been collected in paper-based report forms is entered into identical tables in MS Excel worksheets, and the indicators in each section are calculated automatically.

The MS Excel sheet can later be imported into the HIS database to permit higher analysis and reporting. From 2009, partners will be able to choose whether they import their MS Excel sheets into the database at weekly or monthly intervals. The new sheet also has greater flexibility to allow users to configure reports according to their programming needs and requirements in the field.

Monthly Reporting Form in zipped MS Excel format available for downloading here. [zip file, 873 Kb, April 2010]




Health Information System Reporting Calendar 2010

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