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United Nations Delivering as One

The United Nations launched the "Delivering as One" pilot initiative in 2007 to respond to the challenges of a changing world and test how the UN family can provide development assistance in a more coordinated way in eight countries.

When the Secretary-General launched Delivering as One, the governments of eight countries - Albania, Cape Verde, Mozambique, Pakistan, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uruguay, and Viet Nam - volunteered to become "Delivering as One" pilots. The pilot countries agreed to work with the UN system to capitalize on the strengths and comparative advantages of the different members of the UN family. Together they are experimenting with ways to increase the UN system's impact through more coherent programmes, reduced transaction costs for governments, and lower overhead costs for the UN system.

The eight pilots are making reforms based on four principles:

  • One Leader
  • One Budget
  • One Programme
  • One Office


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