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United Nations Sudan Common Humanitarian Fund

The Sudan Common Humanitarian Fund (CHF) is a pooled funding mechanism established in 2005 for humanitarian activities in Sudan. Under the overall authority of the Humanitarian Coordinator (HC), the Sudan CHF is intended to give the HC greater ability to target funds to the most critical humanitarian needs, encourage early donor contributions and enable a rapid response to unforeseen circumstances.

Only humanitarian projects included in the UN and Partners Work Plan for Sudan (the Work Plan) are eligible for CHF funding. The Work Plan outlines the annual strategic and operational plan for the UN and partners' assistance in Sudan and is developed in consultation with national, regional and local authorities. It is divided into seven planning regions and one national programme, each covering up to twelve sectors with four cross cutting issues that all sectors are expected to integrate into their programming. In 2007, approximately 100 UN and Partner Agencies participated in the 2007 Work Plan which includes over 770 projects.

Both the Work Plan and the Sudan CHF help advance humanitarian aid reforms as proposed in the Secretary-General's report, In Larger Freedom (2005), such as strengthened response capacity, more predictable and timely funding to organizations, strengthened coordination, as well as donors' endorsement of Good Humanitarian Donorship (GHD) principles.



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