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United Nations Central Fund for Influenza Action (CFIA)

The Central Fund for Influenza Action (CFIA) is a multi-donor trust fund (MDTF) that enables donors to pool their resources and rapidly provide funding for urgent unfunded and under-funded priority actions. It complements other funding mechanisms that may be used by a Government and United Nations (UN) organizations.

In the face of the growing risk of a human influenza epidemic, an effective, coordinated contribution by the UN system could help to reduce risk and increase the preparedness of all countries. The UN System Consolidated Action Plan for Avian and Human Influenza (UNCAPAHI) was developed by the UN system as a basis for resource mobilization and the strategic allocation of resources. It identifies seven strategic objectives that cover the entire scope of AHI action and provides a template for a coordinated UN system response to AHI.

The CFIA has been designed as a central financing mechanism that enhances inter-agency coordination; respects the key UN agency responsibilities; promotes a coherent, effective and predictable overall UN system response; and simplifies, through one pooled account, the capacity to support the range of UN agencies engaged in specific responses. It will complement other channels for the transfer of donor resources to the UNCAPAHI.

Coordination among all actors involved, and within the UN system in particular, is a fundamental pre-condition for meeting these objectives and managing the complexity of the challenges at stake. Such coordination is provided by the UN System Senior Coordinator for Avian & Human Influenza.



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