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World Refugee Day 2009 Posters

A recent needs assessment study conducted by UNHCR showed substantial and disturbing gaps in the delivery of protection globally. In the eight pilot countries where the study was conducted, some 30 percent of needs remain unmet, a third of them in basic and essential services such as shelter, health, education, food security, sanitation and measures to prevent sexual violence and abuse. UNHCR is actively involved in helping to fill the gaps, but we need extra funding to meet all the needs of refugees globally.

The series of nine posters were designed by UNHCR to support this year's World Refugee Day (WRD) and use beautiful images from photographers Espen Rasmussen, Moises Saman and Zalmaï to depict the needs of refugees - linking directly to this year's WRD theme of "Real People, Real Needs."

The posters use photographs from:

Espen Rasmussen: http://www.espenrasmussen.com

Moises Saman: http://www.moisessaman.com

Zalmaï: http://www.zalmai.com




WRD 2009 Poster Gallery

WRD 2009 Poster Gallery