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A Winning Combination

Private sector support for UNHCR is injecting the refugee cause with new and vital energy. Fresh opportunities, expertise and visibility offered by the private sector partnerships are invaluable to the refugee agency’s operations, while enhancing the reputation of the individuals, companies and foundations involved.

These new relationships are being built through various channels, including face-to-face fund-raising, direct TV and other digital channels as well as marketing campaigns for specific causes that reach millions of people. A number of these campaigns draw on the support of celebrities who have been touched by the plight of people forcibly displaced from their homes.

UN High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres is fully committed to growing private sector fund-raising to diversify and enlarge UNHCR’s donor base in a sustainable manner, which is imperative in times of growing humanitarian needs. In 2014, UNHCR is seeking even more support from the private sector, with a target of US$220 million.

List of corporate, foundation and high net-worth individuals' donations to UNHCR in 2013 (over 100,000 USD, cash or in-kind)

Donor Amount in USD
Total 74,639,234
1. Contributions through USA for UNHCR
2. Contributions through España con Acnur
3. Contributions through Japan for UNHCR
4. Contributions through UNHCR Insamlingsstiftelse (Sweden for UNHCR)
IKEA Foundation 32,955,422
Her Highness Sheikha Jawaher bint Mohammed Bin Sultan Al Qassimi 14,205,000
Educate A Child (EAC) Programme 6,738,406
Fast Retailing Co., Ltd. (UNIQLO) 2,867,208
Dutch Postcode Lottery 2,606,798
Qatar Charity 2,000,000
Swedish Postcode Lottery (4) 1,747,377
Norwegian Refugee Council 1,744,000
Said Foundation 1,592,320
Latter-day Saint Charities, Inc. (1) 1,467,500
Koinonia Foundation (1) 700,311
RedR 635,000
International Olympic Committee 535,850
Stichting af Jochnick Foundation (4) 500,000
Morneau Sheppell 462,824
UPS Foundation (1) 400,000
Danish Refugee Council 389,000
The Howard G. Buffett Foundation (1) 349,990
Fondazione Prosolidar-Onlus 332,902
Fundación La Caixa (2) 268,097
John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation (1) 250,000
Islamic Relief USA (1) 250,000
Alwaleed bin Talal Foundation 200,000
AC Milan 194,805
Fundación Probitas (2) 189,791
Nando Peretti Foundation 163,620
The Khaled Hosseini Foundation (1) 157,294
Consiglio Italiano Rifugiati 144,937
Tokyo Marathon Foundation (3) 135,955
Lebara Foundation 135,870
Hewlett Packard (1) 110,000
Municipio Paredes 108,957
Fuji Optical Co., Ltd (3) 100,000

Source: UNHCR Global Report 2013




Top private sector donor countries

2014: Top 10 private sector donors *
Donor USD
* As at 8 May 2014

Source: 2014 Contributions to UNHCR Programmes

Netherlands 22,273,891
Spain 8,120,032
Italy 7,651,410
Japan 6,002,429
Qatar 5,499,792
Australia 3,733,185
Denmark 2,935,000
USA 2,825,134
Republic of Korea 2,726,632
Sweden 2,153,425

Individual Supporters

The Individual Giving income stream is an essential part of UNHCR's private sector fund-raising global programme.

Corporate Partners

Good corporate citizenship builds the foundations for more sustainable growth.

Foundation Partners

Charitable foundations help provide life-saving assistance to refugees.

Private Philanthropy

Individual philanthropists and family trusts help forge international solidarity.

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