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Standards and Indicators Report

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Measuring the Well-Being of People of Concern

As of 2005, the Camp Indicator Report (CIR) has been replaced by the Standards and Indicators Report (SIR) in order to further the implementation of results-based management (RBM) and facilitate multi-year planning based on measurable indicators illustrating the well-being of the population of concern.

The new SIR format was prepared by the Division of Operational Services (DOS) as part of the 2nd edition of the pdf Practical Guide to the Systematic Use of Standards and Indicators in UNHCR Operations which was published in February 2006. The "Practical Guide" contains 160 "readily quantifiable" Protection and Assistance Standards and Indicators, including those which have been developed specifically for covering refugee camp/settlements, urban programmes and returnee areas.

The main objectives of the Standards and Indicators initiative are as follows:

  • Build the capacity of managers in the field to illustrate and analyse gaps in UNHCR's protection and assistance delivery so as to facilitate the identification of problems and their causes, and reinforce data analysis.
  • Enhance UNHCR and partner staff knowledge and skills in order to better apply Standards & Indicators, in a systematic fashion, in their respective operations, thereby improving the design of operational strategies and day-to-day programme and project management.
  • Strengthen partnerships and the ability to conduct a holistic appraisal of the wellbeing of persons of concern, and facilitate the distribution of responsibilities amongst partners.
  • Improve the quality of information in UNHCR documentation related to the wellbeing of persons of concern in order to support and justify resource mobilization and allocation.

The United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are directly applicable to refugees, internally displaced, returnees, stateless persons and others of concern to UNHCR. Indeed, the basic rights of these people often fall short of those of local populations. Some UNHCR indicators are identical to those used for promoting the MDGs, whereas others are more indirectly related. There is also a close link between the UNHCR indicators and those of the Sphere Project.

This web page lists resources and documents relating to the SIR. Country of asylum and origin profiles, time series, camp statistics, demographic data, asylum trends and refugee status determination indicators can be found on other statistical webpages.




Standards and Indicators Reporting Format

The format for reporting indicators is MS-Excel workbook. Download the zipped files.