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People We Can Count On

Aside from its pool of high-profile Goodwill Ambassadors, UNHCR has a wide range of supporters and collaborators around the world. Many of our offices team up with national or regional celebrities for prolonged campaigns or special events. Their help in raising awareness and rallying support for the refugee cause is invaluable.

In the world of sport, Cleveland Cavaliers basketball player Luol Deng has raised funds to provide access to education and sports for young refugees around the world. A former refugee from South Sudan who grew up in the United Kingdom, Deng is committed to ensuring that refugees retain the hope of a better future.

British supermodel Alek Wek supports life-changing UNHCR projects in education, agriculture and health in her native South Sudan. As a former refugee, she understands what it is like to be forced to flee one's home.

Award-winning Colombian rock star Juanes has helped spread awareness about the plight of hundreds of thousands of internally displaced people in his country, including members of indigenous groups.

For the most part, our supporters are ordinary citizens: volunteers who help arrange World Refugee Day activities; teachers who make use of UNHCR's educational material; academics who write on refugee issues; students who spread the word among their friends and do work placements with us; photographers who travel the world to put the focus on the displaced. We are also almost completely dependent on funding support from donor nations and individuals, organizations and corporations in the private sector.





Superstar Colombian musician rocks for refugees and the needy in Latin America.

Luol Deng

The NBA basketball star, an ex-refugee, scores points for the displaced.

Robot Taekwon V

Robot Taekwon V, a martial arts cartoon character has been entertaining South Koreans for more than three decades.

Lady Antebellum

The popular American country music trio are working with UNHCR to help refugee children.

Guor Maker

Former Sudanese Refugee Runs To a Brighter Future.

Ger Duany

Role model Lost Boy finds a cause helping refugees with UNHCR.