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Procurement Protest

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Protest procedures

UNHCR takes all complaints seriously. If you believe that you have been treated unfairly, we will do justice if we find your case substantive. UNHCR has an appeals process for people or firms not awarded an order or contract in a competitive procurement process. It is not available to non-responsive or non-timely proposers/bidders or when all proposals/bids are rejected.

Any unsuccessful proposer/bidder who believes that a purchase order or contract awarded to another party should legally have been awarded to the unsuccessful proposer/bidder may appeal in writing against the decision no later than 10 working days after the date of purchase order or contract award by UNHCR. Anyone disputing the award of a contract may file a protest with the Business Unit (Supply Management Service - Chief Procurement and Contracts Section). Protests must contain the following information:

  • The complainant's name, address and telephone and fax numbers;
  • The solicitation or contract number, name of contracting office and the procurement officer;
  • A detailed statement of all factual and legal grounds for protest, and an explanation of how the complainant was prejudiced;
  • Copies of relevant documents supporting the complainant's statement;
  • A statement as to form of relief;
  • All information establishing that the complainant is an interested party for the purpose of filing a protest;
  • All information establishing the timeliness of the protest.

Incomplete complaints will not be considered for further action.

Contract/Purchase Order Disputes

Please be advised that all communication related to contract or purchase order disputes should be directed to the respective business unit. The first contact is the responsible buyer. For matters that cannot be resolved, the Chief Procurement and Contracts Section may be contacted. If the dispute cannot be resolved, you can refer the protest to the Head of Supply Management Service.