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How to Become a Supplier

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How Suppliers Can Apply for Registration

Those who want to apply for registration as a potential supplier to UNHCR should fill out Annex I of the UNHCR Vendor Registration Form (Rev. February 2010) and submit it to UNHCR Budapest, together with a copy of the latest financial statement and other documents, as indicated in the registration form. Incomplete submissions will not be considered. UNHCR will also consult the UN Global Marketplace (UNGM), procurement portal of the UN system, to find potential suppliers. The United Nations and its many affiliated organizations represent a global market worth billions of dollars annually for all types of goods and services. The UNGM acts as a portal through which businesses can register with the UN system, providing an avenue to introduce supplier goods and services to many UN organizations, countries and regions. The database facilitates the interchange of supplier information within the UN system and acts as an important procurement tool to shortlist suppliers for competitive bidding. Future developments under consideration include a wide range of capabilities, varying from links to supplier websites to generation of procurement statistics. Inter-agency cooperation in the UNGM provides a channel for improved communication between organizations in the UN system, and between the UN system and its suppliers and donor countries.

Suppliers who want to register in the UNGM, and thereby with UNHCR, should contact the UNGM Secretariat: Midtermolen 3, PO Box 2530, 2100 Copenhagen Ø, Denmark. Fax: +, E-mail: registry@ungm.org

Suppliers will also find general information at : www.ungm.org. An application form is available on-line to register as a supplier.




UNGM Members

The list of the organisations in the UN system which are users of the United Nations Global Market Place (UNGM).