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What Your Donation Provides

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A little money goes a long way when it comes to helping the forcibly displaced. Just a small amount can provide vital and even life-saving assistance, or help prepare a young person for a brighter future. Donate just US$100 and your money will buy a survival kit for a family of five, while for only US$12 you can equip a student for a year

Where Your Money Goes:

US$12: Education

Provides textbooks, exercise books and pencils for a student for a year.

US$50: Registration

Registers 150 refugees, assesses their needs and helps trace their families.

US$80: Warmth

Provides 20 wool blankets to protect refugees and internally displaced people from the cold.

US$100: Survival

Puts a survival kit, which includes necessities such as blankets and a stove, into the hands of a refugee family.

US$200: Shelter

Provides an all-weather tent to shelter a family of five or six.

US$500: Water

Sinks two wells to provide clean drinking water for forcibly displaced people and prevent illness and death from bacterial infections.

US$1,000: Food

Provides a therapeutic feeding kit, which helps nourish 100 children.