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The European Union

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The EC, which supports protection and assistance activities through earmarked contributions, was UNHCR's second largest donor in 2008, trailing only the United States. The most significant EC support is for UNHCR operations in Africa and Asia, with smaller but important contributions to programmes in Latin America, the Middle East and Europe, including some through the European Refugee Fund.

The Commission is a major provider of humanitarian and development aid, and a key player in the international effort to develop policies to improve aid effectiveness and coordination at the global level.

UNHCR has an established partnership with the European Commission, and works closely with several of its departments to increase support for refugees, internally displaced people and stateless people around the world.

Working with the European Union

EU law and practice affects creation of refugee protection mechanisms in other countries.

European Refugee Fund

A fund to promote solidarity within the European Union in matters of asylum.




EASO Consultative Forum

The first Consultative Forum between the European Asylum Support Office and civil society organizations working in the field of asylum, held in Valletta, Malta on 15 December 2011.