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Partnership in Protection

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Partnerships in Protection, Resettlement and Operations

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has established partnerships with a wide variety of actors to deal with the crucial issues of refugee protection, resettlement and operations. In order to more efficiently carry out its mandate, UNHCR works both with so-called Implementing and Operational Partners. Implementing Partners, listed in two reports on this page, are funded by the refugee agency. Institutions who do not receive funding from UNHCR but who play a major role in refugee operations are known as Operational Partners. One aspect of the partnership process is the Reach Out Programme, established in 1997 when the refugee agency's protection mandate faced serious challenges. Since the September 11 attacks on the United States, the need to protect and defend refugees and asylum seekers has become even more crucial given the current climate of hostility towards uprooted people. For further information on UNHCR's partners in specific operations, see the Global Operations Profiles under the heading Protecting Refugees on this Web site.

Strengthening Protection Capacity

Tools and strategies to strengthen the capacity of states to receive and protect refugees. This project is now active across five continents.

The SURGE Protection Capacity Project

Supporting UNHCR Resources on the Ground with Experts on mission

Global Migration Group

An inter-agency group promoting application of instruments and norms relating to migration.

Global Consultations

The international community reaffirms its commitment to the 1951 Refugee Convention.

Reach Out

The Reach Out process engages a wide range of NGOs and other entities in dialogue on current protection challenges.

Partnerships in Resettlement

How UNHCR works with the co-operation of NGOs and governments in resettlement.