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Working Together

Charged with protecting millions of refugees, stateless, internally displaced and other people of concern, the UN refugee agency needs to work with a wide variety of donors and partners to adequately fulfil its role. These range from governments to non-governmental organizations, the private sector, civil society and refugee communities.

UNHCR raises funds through governments, foundations and private donors so that refugees can be assisted immediately with food, shelter and other essentials distributed by the agency's implementing partners. Longer-term solutions also depend on the participation of civil society and refugees themselves.

While UNHCR is directly concerned with the international protection of refugees, its overall mission is to provide operational support and coordination to a wide range of private and public actors who work in the interest of refugees. This site provides information on all these partnerships.

Partnerships in Protection

UNHCR works with governments and civil society in advocacy and protection system building and resettlement.

Private Sector Partners

Our private partners help drive change and find innovative solutions to the challenges facing refugees.

Non-Governmental Organizations

A priority for us is to strengthen partnerships with non-governmental organizations.

The European Union

The European Union is one of UNHCR's most important partners. The grouping as whole provides close to half of our annual funding.




UN Sister Organizations

As part of one big family, UNHCR interacts daily with other United Nations organizations.

International Organizations

Close and long-standing cooperation with three major international organizations.

Governments as Partners

UNHCR works with host governments to protect and assist refugees and to find solutions.