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'This is not the same as normal life, everything is very difficult. […]
©UNHCR/M.Jankovic, November 2008

Serbia: Europe's forgotten refugees

Added: 02 Dec 2008

A study of the lives of three Europeans who have been living as refugees in Serbia for more than 15 years. Serbia is the only European country with a protracted refugee population. More than 90,000 refugees from Croatia and from Bosnia and Herzegovina remain there, victims of wars that erupted […]
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Six months after returning to Afghanistan, Qayum and his family […]

Afghans Return Home

Added: 14 Nov 2008

In the six months since some 150 families returned from Pakistan's Jalozai refugee village, they have faced land problems and ethnic tensions. Today, however, they face the prospect of spending a bitter winter in northern Afghanistan with little more for shelter than canvas tents. After 23 […]
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Social Volunteer Foundation (SVF) is a Kabul-based NGO that was […]

Afghan Street Children Turn from Beggars to Beauticians

Added: 12 Nov 2008

A UNHCR-funded project in Kabul, Afghanistan, is helping to keep returnee children off the streets by teaching them to read and write, give them room to play and offer vocational training in useful skills such as tailoring, flower making, and hairstyling. Every day, Afghan children ply the streets […]
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A UNHCR convoy carrying 33 tonnes of various aid items, including […]
©UNHCR/P.Taggart, November 2008

UNHCR/Partners Bring Aid to North Kivu

Added: 06 Nov 2008

As a massive food distribution gets underway in six UNHCR-run camps for tens of thousands of internally displaced Congolese in North Kivu, the UN refugee agency continues to hand out desperately needed shelter and household items. A four-truck UNHCR convoy carrying 33 tonnes of various aid […]
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Skills like bee-keeping empower vulnerable Afghan returnee women […]
©UNHCR/R. Arnold, September 2008

Afghanistan: The Reality of Return

Added: 18 Sep 2008

The UN refugee agency and the World Food Programme join forces to improve the lives of Afghan returnees in the east of the country After more than two decades of war, Afghanistan faces enormous recovery needs. The rugged, landlocked nation remains one of the poorest in the world, with more […]
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