Bodies found dead in a truck near border, while asylum seekers flow into Hungary


Crossings of Mediterranean Sea exceed 300,000, including 200,000 to Greece


Survivors tell harrowing tales of fight for air on "boat of death" off Libya

South Sudan

UNHCR welcomes signing of South Sudan peace deal

Serbia: Overstretched Borders


News Story: Togolese refugee finds a new beginning in Liberia after family killed in election violence.

News Story: UNHCR viewpoint: 'Refugee' or 'migrant' - Which is right?

News Story: UNHCR facilitates the return of 51,000 Afghan refugees from Pakistan.

News Story: UNHCR chief Guterres stresses need to fight human trafficking, protect victims.

News Story: UNHCR welcomes Belize's support to global initiative to reduce statelessness.

News Story: How small Moldova ran one of Europe´s largest campaigns to prevent and address statelessness.

News Story: Aid operation targets nearly 5,000 vulnerable families who were driven from their homes in Maridi town.

News Story: UNHCR provides humanitarian assistance to 256 families who were displaced in Colombia.

News Story: A jeweller and his family flee Syria and find safety in their ancestral homeland of Armenia.

News Story: A refugee separated from his mother but uniting a community.

Stateless in Beirut: Since Lebanon was established in the 1920s there has been a long-standing stateless population.

News Story: UNHCR calls for comprehensive response to the Calais situation.

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Human Story

Telling the Human Story

Gigantic photo exhibition now covers the walls along the banks of the Seine in Paris.

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Making a Difference

Making a Difference

In Mauritania, a Congolese mother is helping refugees to reconnect by teaching IT, 17 years after her own displacement.

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Setting the Agenda

Setting the Agenda

Resettlement needs are over one million for the first time and consistently equate to eight per cent of the global refugee population. A newly published Refugee Resettlement Trends booklet looks at global resettlement trends over the last 10 years.

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