UNHCR on target to deliver 2,410 tons of aid for Iraqi displaced

More than 20,000 people risk all on Indian Ocean to reach safety: UNHCR report

UNHCR launches major aid push for Iraq with 100-ton airlift to Erbil

Syrian woman gives birth to quintuplets weeks after fleeing Iraq

Iraq: UNHCR Aid Airlift


News Story: Russia speeds up asylum procedures as Ukrainian influx continues.

A Lifetime of Waiting: Born in Hagadera camp, Sarah has never once left its confines.

News Story: Angolans head homewards by train from Democratic Republic of Congo.

World Humanitarian Day: UNHCR pays tribute to courage and sacrifice of aid workers.

News Story: Cross-border aid reaches 12,000 displaced civilians in western Libya.

News Story: In Niger, gas project to support refugees and save trees.

News Story: Ukrainians sheltering in Russia worry about their future.

UNHCR News App: UNHCR releases a News App in three languages for mobile devices.

Global Appeal 2014-2015: UNHCR's plans and funding requirements for its operations worldwide.

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Human Story

Telling the Human Story

Former Afghan refugees from Pakistan take leading role in making cricket a game that unites Afghanistan.

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Making a Difference

Making a Difference

Even on crutches, a Congolese mother managed to lead her three children to safety. Now she's been rewarded with a safer home in a new refugee camp.

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Setting the Agenda

Setting the Agenda

The Inter-Parliamentary Union and UNHCR publish the second edition of "Nationality and Statelessness: Handbook for Parliamentarians," an important advocacy and learning tool to address the challenges of statelessness.

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