Iraqi IDPs leave overcrowded Arbat for another home in Kurdistan region


Funding shortage leaves Syrian refugees in danger of missing vital support

High profile supporters combined to spread awareness of World Refugee Day

Turkey: World Refugee Day visits

World Refugee Day takes place against backdrop of worsening global crisis


News Story: UNHCR's new biometrics system helps verify 110,000 Myanmar refugees in Thailand

News Story: More refugees flee Burundi into Tanzania ahead of elections - UNHCR.

News Story: UNHCR notes EU decision, calls for more focus on causes of mass displacement.

News Story: More than 100,000 refugees vaccinated against cholera in Tanzania.

News Story: UNHCR calls for international push to end Afghanistan refugee situation.

News Story: Survivors of violence in eastern Congo are rebuilding their lives at Sister Angélique's new bakery.

World Refugee Day: Pakistan: Three brothers from Afghanistan - World Refugee Day 2015.

News Story: UNHCR billboards in Hungary celebrate contributions by refugees.

News Story: World faces major crisis as number of displaced hits record high.

World Refugee Day: Thailand: Nader, a saxophonist from Syria.

World Refugee Day: Colombia: Helena Christensen gets to know Maribeth for World Refugee Day 2015.

World Refugee Day: Cate Blanchett gets to know Ahmad for World Refugee Day 2015.

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Human Story

Telling the Human Story

Ukrainian family enjoys peace in Armenia but faces major challenges.

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Making a Difference

Making a Difference

Junior Mayema hid his sexual orientation while growing up in his native Democratic Republic of the Congo, but when his mother discovered that he was gay her anger knew no bounds.

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Setting the Agenda

Setting the Agenda

To ensure the voices and perceptions of internally displaced people on voluntary return and other long-term solutions be heard, UNHCR commissioned an Intentions Survey among IDPs in Georgia.

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