Dutch lottery donates 1.4 million euros for UNHCR projects this year

News Stories, 5 February 2010

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Imme Rog, chief executive officer of Dutch Charity Lotteries, hands a cheque to UNHCR Regional Representative Wilbert van Hövell.

UTRECHT, The Netherlands, February 5 (UNHCR) The Dutch National Postcode Lottery has donated 1.4 million euros to the UN refugee agency for use in projects around the world this year.

At a ceremony in the city of Utrecht on Thursday, Imme Rog, chief executive officer of Dutch Charity Lotteries, handed over a symbolic cheque to UNHCR Regional Representative for Western Europe Wilbert van Hövell.

"This time we have received an increased contribution," van Hövell said, thanking the Dutch National Postcode Lottery and the people of Holland. "This is very good news for refugees, IDPs (internally displaced people) and stateless people around the world," he added.

This year's donation of 1.4 million in unearmarked funds is almost 500,000 euros more than last year's annual gift from the Dutch National Postcode Lottery, which has been supporting UNHCR as a major private sector donor for close to a decade. The money is not tied to any specific project, so UNHCR can identify where it is needed most and implement projects accordingly.

The Lottery is the top private fund-raiser for charity in the Netherlands. It devotes 60 per cent of its net income to support projects in the fields of development cooperation, human rights, nature preservation and social cohesion.




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